Aber Interpol Essay Submission

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Hello, dear TSR's...

I face a huge dilemma regarding my UCAS choices. I am going to study International Politics and so far I have settled with King's, Sheffield, York, Edinburgh and Royal Holloway. However, the existence of the Aberystwyth Uni came to my attention recently. I am particulary interested in its International Politics & The Third World course.

However, I am not really sure Aberystwyth is any better than my choices..

There are CONs: it is in Wales, which is not the centre stage of international relations festival, it is, as far as I know, quite tiny town with not too extravagant nightlife, minimum entrance requirments are 28 points which suggest to me that it is not somehow academically challenging...

I haven't looked yet whether it has debating society as such or give any particular work experience. If there is anyone studying IP or knowing something about it, please, inform me with PROs and unbiased evaluations... I will be very grateful.

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