Memphis Goons Dissertation

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2016 - Present
Caywood, Hannah2017“Nelly, I am Heathcliff!”:
The Intersection of Class, Race, and Narration in Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights
Caywood Thesis.pdf
Engler, Hannah2017Poptimist Feminism:
Contemporary Women Reading Bridget Jones’ Diary
Engler Thesis.pdf
Hoban, Michelle2017“Molecules all change”:
Memory, Mutability, and Ulysses as Body-Mind in “Scylla and Charybdis”
Hoban Thesis.pdf
(National) Abjection as Literary and American Subjective Crises in Maxine Hong Kingston’s
The Woman Warrior
Li Thesis.pdf
Quorpencetta, Miclan2017A Life That A Breath Might Shatter:
The Politics of Poetry in Jean Genet’s Our Lady of the Flowers
Quorpencetta Thesis.pdf
Raeder, Samantha2017Thoreau’s Biophilia:
The Influence of Hindu Scriptures on Walden’s Portrayal of Nature and the Divine
Raeder Thesis.pdf
Smith, Rebecca2017Fashioning Figures:
The Construction of the “Self” in Astrophil and Stella
Smith Thesis.pdf
Soheil, Keemia2017Táhirih, a Symbol of Progress:
Reading a nineteenth-century Iranian poet in the United States and England
Soheil Thesis.pdf
Wildenradt, Annika2017“A natural perspective, that is and that is not!”
Complicating Logics of Gender in Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Twelfth Night
Wildenradt Thesis.pdf
Winnega, Brie2017Nurses of the Vietnam War Marginalized Protagonists and Narrative AuthorityWinnega Thesis.pdf
Batchelor, Kimberly2016Free Will and the Diminishing Importance of God's Will: A Study of Paradise Lost and SupernaturalBatchelor Kimberly.pdf
Biggs, C.J.2016Environmental Relationships and Our Changing Nature: A Study of Hemingway's and Harrison's Northern Michigan WritingsBiggs CJ.pdf
Burlage, Brian2016Walt Whitman: Death, the Afterlife, and His Poetry of ContactBurlage Brian.pdf
Coble, Audrey2016Complex Density: A Quantum Regionalist Reading of Midwestern Literature and Pop-PunkCoble Audrey.pdf
Horn, Rachel Marie2016"Personism" and Consumerism: Reading in O'Hara's Love and Lunch PoemsHorn Rachel.pdf
Hua, Karen2016Beyond the Single Story: A Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis of Chimamanda Ngozi AdichieHua Karen.pdf
Lentz, Samantha Marie2016The Narrative of the American Dream: Evaluating the Impact of Horation Alger Jr. on America's Definition of SuccessLentz Samantha.pdf
Rombes, Madeline2016PLAYING WITH POWER: Subjectivity and Subversion in the Poems of Emily DickinsonRombes Madeline.pdf
Smith, Kayla C.2016The Diary as a Verbal and Visual Tool: Retelling Traumatic Experiences in Allison Bechdel's Fun Home and Phoebe Gloeckner's The Diary of a Teenage GirlSmith Kayla.pdf
Sulpizio, Catherine2016Repeating Yourself: Printing, (re)Production, and Poiesis in Blake's The Book of UrizenSulpizio Catherine.pdf
Wharton, William2016Condemned: Reading the Footnotes in House of LeavesWharton William-reduced.pdf
2011 - 2015
Carpenter, Mikala2015Breaking In: Female Intelligence and Agency in British Children's Fantasy LiteratureCARPENTER M. Breaking In.pdf
Duan, Carlina2015The Space Between: An Analysis of Code-Switching within Asian American Poetry as Strategic Poetic DeviceDUAN C. The Space Between.pdf
Heeren, Maggie2015Career Anxiety's Involvement in Identity Formation: Analysis of Contemporary American Adolescent LiteratureHEEREN M. Career Anxiety.pdf
Paull, Emily2015Ann Batten Cristall and the Lyrical Sketch: The Influence of Eighteenth-Century Aesthetics on Lyric PerformativityPAULL E. Ann Batten Cristall.pdf
Peters, Andrew2015Beyond Good and Bad: The Linguistic Construction of Walter White's Masculinity in Breaking BadPETERS A. Beyond Good & Bad.pdf
Radwin, Maxwell2015Minimalism and the Aesthetic of ShameRADWIN M. Minimalism.pdf
Rohan, Sarah2015From Witness to Storyteller: Mapping the Transformations of Oral Holocaust Testimony Through TimeROHAN S. From Witness to Storyteller.pdf
Spencer, Kathryn2015Gendering the Poetic Nation: Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda as Chilean IconsSPENCER K. Gendering the Poetic Nation.pdf
Venchuk, Alicia Marie2015Mitigating the Marginalization of Women Blues Guitarists: An Analysis of Memphis Minnie's Proto-FeminismVENCHUK A. Mitigating Marginalization.pdf
Adams, Josephine2014"It Takes Two People to Make You": Understanding Sibling Relationships through the Intersection of Loss and Language in William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury and As I Lay DyingADAMS It Take Two People.pdf
Axelrad, Jacob2014From Prose to Pictures The Evolution of James Agee and Let Us Now Praise Famous MenAXELRAD From Prose to Pictures.pdf
Darga, Jon Michael2014Tolkien's Women: The Medieval Modern in The Lord of the RingsDARGA Tolkiens Women.pdf
Davis, Eleanor2014The Pleasure of the Reader: Debating Art, Entertainment, and the Millenium TriologyDAVIS The Pleasure of the Reader.pdf
Eckert, Claire2014Refashioning the Epic: An Analysis of Spenser's Breaks within The Faerie QueeneECKERT Refashioning the Epic.pdf
Fenyes, Eliana2014"For the Benefit of All" A study of the Innerpeffray Library and its place in the history of the Scottish EnlightenmentFENYES For the Benefit of All.pdf
Gantman, Julia2014The Post Office, the Public Lecture and "Dejection: An Ode": Public Influences on Coleridge's Poetic IntimacyGANTMAN The Post Office.pdf
Gerondeau, Pierre2014More Than a Place: Regionalism and Setting in the Short Stories of Andre Dubus IIGERONDEAU More than a Place.pdf
Jarik, Jacqueline2014Voices of Identity and Diagnosis An Analysis of Vocal Construction in Susanna Kaysen's MemoirsJARIK Voices of Identity.pdf
Kruse, Emma2014How We Must See: Into the Abstract Imaginings of Thomas Hardy's Wessex Poems and Other VersesKRUSE How We See.pdf
McWilliams, Robert2014Mapping the Web of Language in David Mitchell's Cloud AtlasMCWILLIAMS Mapping the Web of Language.pdf
Paul, Trisha2014Untold Stories, Unheard Lives: A Study of How Adolescents with Cancer Create Selfhood through NarrativePAUL Untold Stories.pdf
Raphael, Alyson2014Defining a Nation of Readers: Late Nineteenth Century Reading Guides As Agents of Literary Nationalism in AmericaRAPHAEL Defining a Nation.pdf
Tuck, Andrew2014Why Did American Psychiatry Abandon Psychoanalysis? Authority and the Production of Knowledge in Twentieth Century ScienceTUCK American Psychiatry.pdf
Walker, Samuel2014Made/Unmade: Pound, Benjamin, and RubbleWALKER Made Unmade.pdf
Weiner, Hannah2014The Authenticity of a Rapper: The Lyrical Divide Between Personas and PersonsWEINER The Authenticity of a Rapper.pdf
Zaluzec, Ryan2014The Nascent Specter: Vision, Corporeality, Reproduction, and Modernity in Henry James and Photographic TheoryZALUZEC The Nascent Specter.pdf
Zilli, Anthony2014Vladimir Nabokov and the Reader's GameZILLI Vladimir Nabokov.pdf
Acho, Kristyn2013Unveiling the Middle Eastern Memoir: Reconfiguring Images of Iranian Women Through Post-9/11 MemoirsACHO Middle Eastern Memoir.pdf
Allen, Carmen2013Bonds that Unite are Bonds that Tie: Complications of Altruism and Imprisonment in Little Dorrit, Great Expectations, and A Tale of Two CitiesALLEN Bonds that Unite.pdf
Alsaden, Sarah2013Poetry as Reistance and Recovery: An Examination of Violence, Trauma, and Exile in the Poetry of Iraqis and American Veterans of the Iraq WarALSADEN Poetry as Resistance.pdf
Brehob, Emily2013Online Academics: The Wiki TV Tropes as a Community of Pseudo-Academic ProducersBREHOB Online Academics.pdf
Caserta, Lauren2013Evolution of an Outbreak: Charting the Mainstream Print Media's Formation of Epidemiological, Social, and Political AIDS Discourse in the Absence and Reassertion of State BiopowerCASERTA Evolution of an Outbreak.pdf
Cassidy, Benjamin2013Resurrecting Emerson: An Investigation of Self-Reliance's Presence in Society and SolitudeCASSIDY Resurrecting Emerson.pdf
Cinti, Dylan2013Edgar Huntly is lost in the dark: Charles Brockden Brown and the ambivalent American GothicCINTI Edgar Huntley is lost.pdf
DelBene, Kaitlyn2013The Contemplatif Life: Social and Political Sovereignty and Chaucer's Oxford ClerkDELBENE the Cotemplatif Life.pdf
Hansen, Trent2013Writing the Unreal: Authorship and Identity in Henry Darger's In the Realms of the UnrealHANSEN Writing the Unreal.pdf
Hummer, Katelyn2013The Green in White Noise: Consumption, Technology, and the EnvironmentHUMMER The Green in White Noise.pdf
Kim, Joshua2013Pleasures of Horror: the Myth of the Modern and the Late Medieval SelfKIM Pleasures of Horror.pdf
Lalley, Elizabeth2013"Thus, as I believe": Darwin's Presence as Proof in The Origin of SpeciesLALLEY Thus I believe.pdf
Partamian, Laura2013Becoming a Virgin: The Rhetorical Development of Queen Elizabeth IPARTAMIAN Becoming a VirgiN.pdf
Torp, Laura2013"So Strange Things So Probably Told": Epistemic Consequences of Scientific Discourse in Lunar Travel NarrativesTORP Final.pdf
Waraniak, Jeffrey2013I Retreat Outside Myself: Introspection, Extrospection, and the Present Moment in American Nature WritingWARANIAK I Retreat Outside Myself.pdf
Xu, Jennifer2013Hollowed Out: The Traumatized Flesh of W.G. Sebald's Prose StyleXU Hollowed out.pdf
Cassidy, Ann2012Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and the Sublime PorteA CASSIDY.pdf
Oreh, Alison2012Marriage, the Letter and the Novel: Letter Writing as an Analogy for the Portrayal of Marriage in Emma and Sense and SensibilityA OREH.pdf
Shrodes, Addie2012The 'Race Riot' Within and Without 'The Grrrl One': Ethnoracial Grrrl Zines' Tactical Construction of SpaceA SHRODES.pdf
Zinkel, Anna2012Jonathan Franzen and the Future of the Novel: Embracing Change to Hold Onto TraditionA ZINKEL.pdf
Dye, Chris2012Observations on an Economic Mind: What Crusoe Can Reveal About Models of ConsciousnessC DYE.pdf
Hall, Claire2012Tradition Transformed: The Pastoral in Marvell's Mower PoemsC HALL.pdf
Boudreau, Emily2012Empty Images and Holy Relics Photographic Complications in As I Lay Dying and Let Us Now Praise Famous MenE BOUDREAU.pdf
Ventola, Emily2012"What is your pretense in this house, to keep me a prisoner here?": The Role of Captor in 18th Century British Captivity NovelsE VENTOLA.pdf
Shapiro, Felix2012Race, Gender and the French Caribbean Allegory: Aime Cesaire's A Tempest and Maryse Conde's I, Tituba, Black Witch of SalemF SHAPIRO.pdf
Poole, Heather2012Social Isolation and Communal Paranoia in Surveillance Narrative Films Surveillance as an operative network in Hitchcock's Rear Window, Coppola's The Conversation, and Haneke's CacheH POOLE.pdf
Keenan, Josephine2012Connecting with </Text> How the Electronic Platform Shifts the Interactions of Authors, Readers, and TextsJ KEENAN.pdf
Pressley, Jessi2012Fears of Our Fathers: Ideology in America's Founding PeriodJ PRESSLEY.pdf
Schroeder, Jordan2012Looking for that Feeling: Narrative Omissions in Jesus' SonJ SCHROEDER.pdf
Asma, Kerith2012Why Literature is Useless: A Defense of Literature's ValueK ASMA.pdf
Kosinski, Katherine2012Small Presses in the 21st Century Exploring Independent Publishing Houses and the Communities They BuildK KOSINSKI.pdf
Demery, Mary2012The Language of Illness: Vision, Perception, and Isolation in Virginia Woolf's Ill CharactersM DEMERY.pdf
Fried, Melanie2012The Paradox of the Short-Story Composite: An Exploration of Reading Temporality in Olive Kitteridge and A Visit From the Goon SquadM FRIED.pdf
Gansler, Melissa2012Believing the Unbelievable: Supernatural Elements in Historical FictionM GANSLER.pdf
Perry, Meredith2012Exposure to Light: Virginia Woolf's Work in Illuminating Women's Complex Interiority as Conforming to and Deviating from Notions of Traditional FemininityM PERRY.pdf
Sajewski, Megan2012The Hidden Lives of Furniture: Rethinking the Subject/Object Dichotomy in Eighteenth-Century NovelsM SAJEWSKI.pdf
Marcoux, Natalie2012Nadine Gordimer and the Politics of Literature in the Twentieth-Century Redefining the Responsibilities of Political LiteratureN MARCOUX.pdf
Seiferth, Shannon2012More Premium than Life: Expressing the Inexpressible in Jonathan Safran Foer's Everything is IlluminatedS SEIFERTH.pdf
Diaz, Katrina Anne2011The Reinvention of God: Stories of an Exiled PeopleDiaz The Reinvention of God.pdf
Fiscus, Jaclyn2011The L Words: Lesbians and Language Investigating Linguistic Performance of Sexuality on The L WordFiscus The L Word.pdf
Kauza, Jacqueline2011Defining the Divine: An Exploration of the Relationships Between Gods and Mortals in Fantasy LiteratureKauza Defining the Divine.pdf
Krieg, Katelin2011The Work of Beauty: Aesthetic Discourse in the Victorian NovelKrieg The Work of Beauty.pdf
Kruse, Alexandra2011Women in Motion: Following the Flâneuse through Mrs. Dalloway and Voyage in the DarkKruse Following the Flaneuse.pdf
Manis, Rebecka2011Evolution: Fact or Fiction? Character Discourse in A Fool's Errand, by Albion W. TourgeeManis Evolution.pdf
Sanborn, Alexandria2011Representation, Re-presentation, and Repetition of the Past in Gertrude Stein’s The Making of AmericansSanborn Representation.pdf
Toh, Bao En2011Reclaiming Agency: The Construction of Singaporean National Identity in the Rhetoric of Lee Kuan Yew from 1965-1970Toh Reclaiming Agency.pdf
White, Patricia Brooke2011Our Soldiers, Our War: The Public Imagination of SoldiersWhite Our Soldiers.pdf
Freedenberg, Ross Evan2011Anticipating Anxiety: Jean Baudrillard’s Non-Event and Radical Event in Donald Barthelme’s Short Fiction
Kinzer, David2011The Nazi Comparison in American Literature
Restivo, Julianna M.2011"The Most Tragic Condition": Joe Christmas and the Community in William Faulkner's Light in August
Winnick, Laura2011The Tools of Femininity: Pens, Needles, and Women’s Autobiography in the Long Eighteenth Century
Zager, Christina R.2011The Paradox of Art without Artifice: A New Look at the Realism of William Dean Howells
Bagdol, Alese2010Why He's Like a Painter: An Exploration of Frank O'Hara's Search for Alternatives to the Neo-Symbolist Mode of PoetryBagdol A 2010.pdf
Blood, Maria2010Subversion of the Courtship Narrative: Henry James's Portrait of a Lady's SuitorsBlood M 2010.pdf
Bommarito, Sarah2010Marriage, Motherhood, and Reception in the Fiction of Chopin and WhartonBommarito S.pdf
Buijk, Cherri2010Slumdog Millionaire: Politics of Representation and Global CultureBuijk C 2010.pdf
Doyle, Trista2010"That Thereby Beauty's Rose Might Never Die:" Preservation and Mortality in Shakespeare's SonnetsDoyle T 2010.pdf
Estes, Ryan2010"War is god" versus "You Ain't Nothin": Deified Violence and Responses to It in Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian, No Country for Old Men, and The RoadEstes R 2010.pdf
Greenberg, Jared2010The Spectacle of Failure: Interrogating the Satiric Conception of Reality in the Late Works of Gustave Flaubert
Messerschmidt, Matthew2010The Productive Conflict of Art and Philosophy in the Thus Spoke Zarathustra and The PreludeMesserschmidt M 2010.pdf
Paauwe, Anna2010Unto Others: An Exploration of Christianity as an Accomplice and Adversary to the aims of Empire in Barbara Kingsolver's The Poisonwood BiblePaauwe A 2010.pdf
Popa, Cristina2010Like all Emigrants caught between Here and There': Multivoiced Narrative and Reinvention of Memory in Carmelo and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar WaoPopa C.pdf
Ross, Robert2010Melville's Cetological Theodicy: Justifying the Ways of Whale to ManRoss R 2010.pdf
Royall-Kahin, Angeline2010"Reading for the 'Real' Africa": African Literature, American Readers, Oprah, and ExotificationRoyall-Kahin a 2010.pdf
Song, Cathy2010"I have not but I am and as I am, I am" Home and Homelessnes in the poems of Wallace StevensSong C.pdf
Thorsby, Richard2010Idealized Masculilnity: Father-Son Relationships, Male Initiation, and Solitude in Hemingway's Short FictionThorsby R 2010.pdf
Zhou, Shiwei2010Mr. Bankes's Telephone & Lily Briscoe's X-ray Vision: Technological Devices as Literary Devices in Virgina WoolfZhou S.pdf
Huang, Jennifer2010In Dialogue with the Infinite: A Defense of Samuel Beckett's Dysfunctional Philosophy of Mathematics
Campbell, Laura2009Feminist Fairy Tale Retellings: A Genre of Subversion2Campbell Laura Feminist Fairy Tale Retellings A Genre of Subversion.pdf
Aja, Jessica2009The Good of the BeautifulAja Jessica The Good of the beautiful.pdf
Braun, Daniel2009Talking Coleridge: Three Conversation PoemsBraun Daniel Talking Coleridge.pdf
Cappo, Emily2009Repression and Displacement in Kazuo Ishiguro's When We Were Orphans and Never Let Me GoCappo Emily Repression and Displacement in Kazuo Ishiguros When We Were Orphans and.pdf
Chou, Kimberly2009"This place being South Africa": Reading race, sex, and power in J.M. Coetzee's DisgraceChou Kimberly “This place being South Africa”.pdf
Ensor, Hannah2009Recklessly Intimate andVery Far Away: Daguerrean method in The House of the Seven GablesEnsor Hannah Recklessly Intimate and Very Far Away Daguerrean Method in The House of the Seven Gables.pdf
Friedman, Starr2009Language as a Familiar Alien in Science Fiction or, as Riddley Walker Would Ask, Wie Wood Eye Both Err Two Reed This?Friedman Starr Language as a Familiar Alien in Science Fiction.pdf
Katz, Dara2009J.D. Salinger's Glass Stories: The Genius and 1950's AmericaKatz Dara J.D. Salingers Glass Stories.pdf
Klein, Joseph2009Keat's Urn and the Arrested Image in FaulknerKlein Joseph Keats Urn and the Arrested Image of Faulkner.pdf
Knapp, Emily2009Metafiction in Northanger Abbey: How Austen Legitimizes the NovelKnapp Emily Metafiction in Northanger Abbey.pdf
Krantz, Landon2009The Story of Illness: A study of the narrative writing of the illKrantz Landon The Story of Illness.pdf
May, Lynne2009A Study of the Relationship between the Text and Its Reader: The Imitation of Christ in the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern EuropeMay Lynne A Study of the Relationship between the Text and Its Reader.pdf
Munro, Joshua2009Reconfiguring Wuornos: An analysis of the public and literary representation of Aileen WuornosMunro Joshua Reconfiguring Wuornos.pdf
Shubert, Catherine2009Modern Metamorphoses: Issues of (Im)personality and Tradition in the Poetry of Pound, Eliot, and H.D.Shubert Catherine Modern Metamorphoses Issues of Impersonality and tradition in the poetry of Pound Eliot and HD.pdf
Smith, Sarah2009The Complex Web of Gender, Genre, and Agency in George Eliot's Middlemarch
Swain, Amanda2009Regarding Representations and Responsibility: A Study of Torture's Situation and Reception in post-9/11 U.S. CultureSwain Amanda Regarding Representations and Responsibility.pdf
Van Wagoner, Benjamin2009Rebel: Confronting Order and Chaos in 2 Henry VIVanWagoner Benjamin Rebel Confronting Order and Chaos in 2 Henry VI.pdf
Wilson, Emily2009The Story of Joseph and Potiphar's Wife: Thomas Mann's Joseph and His Brothers and his Early Jewish and Christian SourcesWilson Emily Thomas Mann Joseph and his brothers and his early jewish and christian sources.pdf
Rose, Kira2009A.S. Byatt's POSSESSION: A ROMANCE: Gendered Genres, Normative Femininity and the Romance of History
Acho, Megan2009"Nobody comes out with perfectly clean hands": An Analysis of the Synecdochic Implications of hands as a Recurring Motif in the Literature of Edith Wharton
Beamer, Christine2008Listening to Music: Nineteenth Century Intersections between Music, Class, and GenreBeamer Christine-Listening to the Music Nineteenth Century Intersections between Music Class and Genre.pdf
Byrd, Christopher2008Voicing the Void: Subject & Subjectivity in Samuel Beckett’s FizzlesByrd Christopher-Voicing the Void Subject Subjectivity in Samuel Becketts Fizzles.pdf
Chakravarthy, Manisha2008Reading Indian-American Women: Writers, Protagonists, and CriticsChakravarthy Manisha-Reading Indian American Women Writers Protagonists and Critics.pdf
Eidem, Laura2008True Storytelling: Fiction and Nonfiction in In Cold Blood and The Executioner’s SongEidem Laura-True Storytelling Fiction and Nonfiction in In Cold Blood and The Executioners Song.pdf
Funt, Alex2008My Own Private Henriad: Looking Back to Now Through Shakespeare’s Second TetralogyFunt Alex-My Own Private Henriad Looking Back to Now Through Shakespeares Second Tetralogy.pdf
Gadaleto, Michael2008“Their Solitary Way”: Marital Reconciliation in the Conversion Scene of Paradise LostGadaleto Michael Their Solitary Way Marital Reconciliation in the Conversion Scene of Paradise Lost.pdf
Griffith, Sarah2008The Moral Egotist: Evolution of Style in Kurt Vonnegut’s SatireGriffith Sarah-The Moral Egotist.pdf
Hahn, Katelyn2008“Art Works for All Whom it Touches”: Interpreting the use of High Renaissance Art and Dutch Realism in MiddlemarchHahn Katelyn Art Works for All Whom it Touches Interpreting the use of High Renaissance Art and Dutch Realism in Middlemarch.pdf
Harris, Brooke2008“You Know You’re Cold Chillin’ When You’re in Blackface”: Questions of Black Authenticity in the Spike Lee Joint BamboozledHarris Brooke-You Know You're Cold Chillin When Youre in Blackface Questions of Black Authenticity in the Spike Lee Joint Bamboozled.pdf
Hendricks, Andrew2008White Nightgowns and Beaded Ceintures: Extravagance, Austerity, and the commonplace in Wallace Stevens’ HarmoniumHendricks Andrew-White Nightgowns and Beaded Ceintures Extravagance, austerity, and the commonplace in Wallace Stevens' Harmonium.pdf
Kaloustian, Carly2008“The World and All That is in It?”: The Rhetoric and Representation of the U.S. Neocolonial Project in National Geographic, 1898-1920kaloustian carly-The World and All That is in It The Rhetoric and Representation of the US Necolonial Project in National Geographic 1898-1920-V2.pdf
Kang, Michael2008Balancing the Image: Collective Experience and Alienation in Don DeLillo’s Mao II, Libra, and UnderworldKang Michael-Balancing the Image Collective Experience and Alientation in Don Delillo's Mao II Libra and Underworld.pdf
Krasner, Adam2008The Fallacy of Jewish Self-Hatred in Post-World War II Jewish-American LiteratureKrasner Adam-The Fallacy of Jewish Self-Hatred in Post_World War II Jewish-American Literature.pdf
Kuljurgis, Julie2008Fashioning Identity: Helen Eustis' Construction and Presentation of the Female Self in Harper's Bazaar, 1947-52Kuljurgis Julie-Fashioning Identity Helen Eustis' Construction and Presentation of the Female Self in Harper's Bazaar, 1947-52.pdf
Manwell, Colleen2008Stand-Up Comedy as a Tool for Social ChangeManwell Colleen-Stand-Up Comedy as a Tool For Social Change.pdf
Mittelman, Amy2008“A World Hollowed Out” An Exploration of the Spatial Imaginings in the Novels of Virginia Woolf and E.M. FosterMittelman Amy-A World Hollowed Out An Exploration of the Spatial Imaginings in the Novels of Virginia Woolf and E.M. Forster.pdf
Nosan, Blair2008The Trouble with Paradise: Exploring Communities of Difference in Three American NovelsNosan Blair-The Trouble with Paradise Exploring Communities of Difference in Three American Novels.pdf
Ravenscroft, Michael2008A Body and a Soul Entire An inquiry into the condition of the individual in World War I poetryRavenscroft Michael A Body and a Sould Entire An Inquiry into the condition of the individual in world war I poetry.pdf
Stern, Rachel2008To “Write” a Wrong: The Unreliable Writer and The Trial of Narrative Form in The Good Soldier, The Blind Assassin, and AtonementStern Rachel-To Write a Wrong The Unreliable Writer and The Trial of Narrative Form in The Good Soldier The Blind Assassin and Atonement.pdf
Swanson, Laura Lavey2008Sympathy and Historical Distance: George Eliot’s Middlemarch and A.S. Byatt’s PossessionSwanson Laura-Sympathy and Historical Distance George Eliots Middlemarch and A.S. Byatts Possession.pdf
Xi, Mimi2008The Innocent and Implicated: Chastity and Promiscuity in the Epidemic: Gender Portrayals in AIDS LiteratureXi Mimi-The Innocent and the Implicated Chastity and Promiscuity in an Epidemic Gender Portrayls in AIDS Literature.pdf
Diamond, Michael2008Dismantling and Discovery: Narratives of Trauma and the Cubist Idiom in Hemingway’s Works from the 1920s
Milewski, Lauren2008Subversive Connections between Marginalized Others and the Search for a Heterogeneous Identity: A Revision and Expansion of Post-Colonial Critiques of Charlotte and Emily Bronte
Muzzio, Franco2008Dialogues with the Past: Post-Truth Commission Literature in Argentina and South Africa
Beight, Jennifer L.2007Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu: The ubuntu philosophy in the anti-apartheid rhetoric of Desmond TutuBeight Jennifer-Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu The ubuntu philosophy and the anti-apartheid rhetoic of Desmond Tutu.pdf
Boutin, Dana2007Moment and Momentum: The Poetry of Frank O’Hara across Collaborative ContextsBoutin Dana-Moment and Momentum The Poetry of Frank OHara across Collaborative Contexts.pdf
Corrigan, Virginia

Memphis Goons

The Memphis Goons - Teenage BBQ CD

-Teenage BBQ is certainly one of the most unique, bizarre releases Shangri-la Projects has ever released.  Originally cut from 1970-1972 in garages just south of Graceland in Whitehaven, the Memphis Goons wrote the book on lo-fidelity garage rock.  Get beyond the hiss and you will hear some truly inspired psych rock.  From “San Antonio Desert” to “Slag Skag” this over 70 minute compilation is a must-own for any fan of psych or garage.  Despite what many think, this recording was not done in the ‘90s.  These are truly “found” tapes issued for the first time by Shangri-la Projects in 1996. The Memphis Goons are listed inRolling Stone’s Guide to Alternative Music as “the greatest garage band of all-time.”  Everybody loves the Goons!

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