Lrf2 Ocrb P Wh Lutron Homeworks

I agree completely. Something as simple as occ sensor programming, status reporting and pairing of devices should be in the software. Additionally, if it is the case where the bump to Ra2 is required, Caseta devices should be compatible. Reason for this is a tad more complicated then 'I just want it.'

I've seen a number of design/build firms installing Caseta devices in spec homes without smartbridges. 'Smarthome-Ready' is the name of the game. In most applications this is great and it works well. In others, a lack of an aux repeater kind of breaks the system. Radiant floor heat cuts down signal strength tremendously and in multilevel applications, some rooms are unreachable. It'd be nice to offer an option to simply add in a Ra2 Main Repeater with a Connect Bridge and an aux and call it a day vs. ripping everything out and starting from scratch if there is already installed product.

They can leave Homeworks alone. Homeworks is really for those crazy large projects for the 1%. I just think that if Lutron allowed for cross compatibility and functionality of all of its devices, it would become more of a household name and really would penetrate that mass market.

There are other systems out there that allow for greater functionality at lower price points.. But the wireless and dimming technology isn't quite up to snuff with what the alien engineers at Lutron have come up with.

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