Do We Live Better Than Our Forefathers Essay

The emergence of advanced technology has made humankind to live luxurious life. Today, people indulge themselves with modern innovations, which did not exist in precedent years. Current era has coddled men with e-commerce, advanced communication ways, video conferences, digital libraries and so on. These inventions instigate men to strive more. Due to the contemporary modernism, world is called global village.

In precedent years it was impossible to cure many diseases. In the same way, it was very hard for people to perform Hajj, go abroad for education and contact with cronies with communication channel of that time. In previous years, our forefathers use to study on lamps. They worked mostly in the agriculture field. They had no machines to finish job sooner. Similarly, they had no proper hospitals and medicines for their cure. Previous manufactured were handmade; and much of the time consuming in making.

These days, people are one touch away from their cronies. Modern civilization and industrialization have created more job opportunities. Populace choose career of own wish and do job accordingly. In contemporary world, we talk about artificial heart transplantation, hair transplantation, face surgery and so on. Moreover, men have reached moon, and are trying to explore other planets.This was not possible in the prior years. At present, fast transportation system has made common and businessmen to accomplish their work in short span. Science has made time saver machines these days.

Surely, we live more prosperous life as compare to our forefathers. Current life is incomparable with the earlier one. Modern innovations initiate men to live more comfortable life, and "the day is not far from us, when our small tribe would be pampering at Mars".


Are we Happier Than Our Forefathers?


Are We Happier Than Indians of 2000 Years ago?


“Happiness  depends on what you can give, not what you can get.”

Mahatma Gandhi


`Turning back the pages of history to ancient times, a modern man feels wonderstruck to see the hard life of human brings a few centuries ago. Our ancestor used to live in caves, ate uncooked food or depended upon fruit and leaves, walked long distances on foot.  They could not get any clothes to cover their body and had not thought of getting shelter to hide their head.  Their standard of living was no better than that of beasts.  Like animals, they used to live in groups and fight other groups with bows, arrows and sticks for food, clothing or shelter.

But everything is destined to undergo a change in this world.  The things of the past have become outdated today.  Man used his scientific imagination, made a number of inventions and revealed the mysteries of nature.  He started controlling the forces  of nature.  With the passage of time he went on marching ahead and soon became the master of the universe.  He can now fly across the sky like a bird, swim across an ocean like a fish and communicate over long distances in no time.  Today, with modern technology, man has been able to enjoy all facilities of life.  Life is exceedingly comfortable, smooth and easy-going for him.  The word ‘impossible’ does not find a place in his dictionary.  He is able to get all the necessities of life.

A modern man enjoys himself in different ways.  He is the master of the whole universe.  When bored with his dull, mechanical routine, he has lots of means for entertainment.  He has the video-cassette recorder to entertain himself.  He has beautiful restaurants and hotels to go to.  He has melodious musical extravaganzas and dance sequences packed up in his cassettes.  His fertile creative mind had made him what his ancestors could never have thought of becoming in their entire life time.

But are we really happier than our forefathers? Definitely not.  We have gained physical comforts at the cost of moral and spiritual values.  We do not believe in God.  We do not think of our moral upliftment.  We think of our own comforts, not of others.  We are too much entrapped in the snare of money.  We are greedy, selfish, isolated, perturbed, dis-appointed and addicted to all sorts of vices.  We have so many aspirations that life is full of frustration and depression.  We have no pleasure or leisure, rest of peace, joy or contentment.

Man, today is, angry, proud, hypocritical, dishonest, insincere and tense. His life is full of frustration, agony and terror.  He has no love for life and he does not brother to heed to the teaching to the teachings of great men like Guru Nanak Dev who once said:

                            Why hast thou forgotten God?

                            Anger has thou not forgotten

                            Not falsehood,

                            Why has thou forgotten truth?

Our ancestors enjoyed that inner joy that a modern man does not dream of having. The modern man has struck a very bad bargain.  He has earned name, fame, position, status and physical comfort at the cost of inner joy, spiritual contentment and moral values.  He has ascended the throne of God Himself.  He knows how to fly in the air but has not learnt to live gracefully on the earth like a civilized citizen.  The moral and spiritual progress is negligible as compared to the scientific progress.

Man, today, has money but he does not know the right use of it.  He used his money to buy others and make them betray their conscience or their country.  He has scientific knowledge but he is using it to create bombs, missiles and deadly armaments and this increases tension, fear and suspicion.  He want to enjoy himself at the cost of others.  He does not mind indulging in a sort of cut-throat competition.  He is as cruel, callous and unscrupulous in his ways as ever.  No doubt, he is blessed with physical comforts but he is certainly far from being really contented and happy.  The divinity in him is losing ground every day and he is becoming more and more a child of mere flesh and blood.  May be he realizes his follies only when it is too late.

                            “O ! my good lord, that comfort comes too late,

                            This like a pardon after execution;

                            That gentle physic, given in time had cured me,

                            But now I am past all comforts here but prayers.”

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