Cityu Phd Application Essay

Application Procedures

  • Applications of Research Degree programmes are accepted throughout the year and will normally be considered during January - March of the admission year.
  • Applications for Professional Doctorate and Taught Postgraduate Programmes are accepted starting from 15 November 2017.

Step 1: Application Preparation

You should:

  1. check the most up-to-date programme information, entrance requirements and application period in the:
  2. read carefully the "Notes for Applicants" at the bottom of this page for useful information including Application Fee, Information for International and Mainland Applicants, Student Accommodation, etc.
  3. Note that there is no need to submit applications through any agencies or companies.  Applications could be submitted by applicants directly to the University via the online application system.

Step 2: Creation of Application Account

After reading the "Notes for Applicants", you need to create an online application account in order to create/submit your application.  Please note down the electronic ID (EID) and the application number generated once your application account is created for future access.  Applicants should not create more than one account for applications.

Step 3: Submission of Supporting Documents

You should upload by yourself the required supporting documents listed under the Section on "Supporting Document" in the online application before the application deadline. No hard copy of supporting documents will be accepted for taught postgraduate programmes.

Step 4: Application Submission

You should complete all relevant sections in the online application, pay the appropriate application fee  online using a credit card (VISA, MasterCard or UnionPay) and submit the application before the application deadline.  Your application will only be processed after the payment of application fee is successfully made.

Step 5: Application Acknowledgement

An acknowledgement message will be shown online immediately after you have successfully settled the application fee via online payment. In addition, an acknowledgement email will be sent to you upon receipt of your online application.

Step 6: Application Processing and Results

Depending on the programme you apply for, applications may be reviewed on a rolling basis during the application period or in batches after the application deadline. You can check the application result through your application account.

If you are successful in your application, we will send you an email notification reminding you to check the application account for view and download of the offer letter as well as completing the required procedures for offer acceptance. No hardcopy of letter will be sent to applicants. Please ensure that your email address is current and that you do not filter out any such messages.

To facilitate verification of academic qualifications, applicants admitted may be required to arrange for the relevant institutions to send the University an original copy of their official transcript for the bachelor's and/or postgraduate degree(s) that have obtained.


• CityU Law School is the first law school in Hong Kong that offered the JD programme
• You can complete JD with CityU and LLM with University Paris 1 in three years
• You can study intensive summer courses in different countries: University College Oxford (U.K.), University of Münster (Germany)* and Monash University (Australia)*
• You will have the opportunity to join Legal Placements in HK law firms, banking and international companies, courts in mainland China and overseas NGO
• You will have the opportunity to receive extensive professional training to sharpen advocacy skills and to participate in international mooting competitions
• You will have the opportunity to join exchange studies at an overseas university in Canada, China, France, Germany, Ireland, Korea, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, the Netherlands, the U.K. and the U.S.
• You may interact with world-class scholars on cutting-edge issues without leaving the CityU campus
• Some courses have been included in the list of reimbursable courses for Continuing Education Fund (CEF). For application details, please refer to
• Admission scholarship
• Financial support is provided to students for participation in overseas-learning activities, mooting competitions and overseas placements
• One-credit elective courses taught by renowned scholars

(* The arrangement is pending for renewal.)

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