Oratorical Essay Definition

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  • The group annually awards one $250 and one $100 scholarship to winners of both its oratorical and essay contests.

    —brian lisik/special to cleveland.com, cleveland.com, "Brunswick Optimist Club draws hundreds to annual pancake breakfast,"20 Feb. 2018

  • The former presidential candidates couldn’t be more different in their political stances, oratorical approaches or hometowns.

    —andrew r. chow, New York Times, "What’s on TV Wednesday: Debate Night With Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders,"18 Oct. 2017

  • Mr. Huston’s performance, however competent, is no match compared with Heston’s heaving, oratorical gravitas, which gave even casual remarks the ring of Scripture declaimed from a mountaintop.

    —stephen holden, New York Times, "Review: ‘Ben-Hur’ Is a Savage Update for a New Generation,"18 Aug. 2016

  • His extraordinary oratorical skills were legendary.

    —howard cohen, miamiherald, "He knew where you live. He knew the future. Oliver Kerr has died at 77,"13 June 2017

  • Vocal lines are set in twisting, mock-oratorical phrases as the orchestra bustles with Minimalist-like strings of racing sixteenth notes and pummeling chords.

    —anthony tommasini, New York Times, "Review: ‘Anatomy Theater,’ an Opera, Puts Convicts Under the Knife,"8 Jan. 2017

  • The president* flew himself out to Iowa on Wednesday night to bask in the adulation of yet another rapturous crowd and to deliver yet another speech from the oratorical firm of Hokum, Bunkum, and Con.

    —charles p. pierce, Esquire, "Turns Out People Still Buy Trump's Bullsh*t,"22 June 2017

  • On the page, anyway, the ideological and stylistic chasms that separate them start to dissolve in a sea of overlapping oratorical devices, similar phrases and at times identical word choice.

    —michael barbaro, New York Times, "Two Candidates. Two Speeches. One Cliché After Another From Clinton and Trump.,"9 June 2016

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