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Assessments are primarily designed for students who are on courses of study at schools and colleges registered with Cambridge. However, it is recognised that there are students who may not attend Cambridge schools but who wish to enter for assessments. Such individuals are referred to as private candidates.

  • Private candidates must be able to meet the full requirements of any assessment for which they are entered. In particular, where an assessment involves the submission of coursework, students must submit that coursework, which must be authenticated and marked by the school through which entry has been made.
  • Entry for assessment can only be made through a school. It is the responsibility of private candidates to make their own arrangements with a school.
  • It is the responsibility of the school to remit fees for any private candidates accepted by the school. Students may be required by the school through which they make their entry to reimburse the fee and to pay a further fee to cover the cost of supervision and marking of any coursework or other internally-assessed work by the staff of the school.
  • Individuals who have been entered as private candidates are identified separately in summaries of the school's results. The school name will not appear on the certificate issued to private candidates.
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We do not accept private candidates for November exams.

We accept Private Candidates for most written exams offered by these exam boards:

AQA  AS, A2, New spec AS/A Levels and GCSE
Edexcel AS, A2, New spec AS/A Levels and GCSE, IGCSE
WJEC AS, A2, New spec AS/A Levels and GCSE
OCR  AS, A2, New spec AS/A Levels and GCSEWe no longer accept Private Candidates for CIE or AAT exams

COURSEWORK - Unfortunately, at this time, Alton College is unable to accept Private Candidates for any coursework or controlled assessment units.  We can accept you to resit these subjects if your coursework can be carried forward for that specification.  Please check with the Exams Officer.

NEW SPEC GCSEs - If you are sitting your GCSEs for the first time we can only accept you on Linear specifications that do not have a coursework or controlled assessment component.  If you are re-sitting your GCSEs most coursework/controlled assessment marks can be carried forward.  

NEW SPEC AS/A-LEVELS SCIENCE & MFL SUBJECTS - We can accept students to sit these exams providing they are happy to not receive a grade for the Practical or Spoken Endorsement. If you are sitting such exams for University entrance it is important that you check with their admissions team whether they will accept the qualification without the practical/spoken endorsement.  We can not administer the practical element and it is not transferable for first time sitting of the exams.  Re-sits are available and we can carry forward your practical/spoken endorsement mark from your first sitting.

2018 Prices:

AC Concession prices are for students currently enrolled on a full time course at Alton College who wish to take exam in subjects outside their study programme.

GCSE/IGCSE (Total Cost - all papers)

£174.00 (130.00 AC Concession)


Per Unit/Exam for AS/A2 modular/unitised specification (Outgoing specifiations)

£82.00  (62.00 AC Concession)


New specification Linear AS (Total Cost - all papers)

£164.00  (124.00 AC Concession)


New Specification Linear A Level (Total Cost - all papers)

£250.00  (185.00 AC Concession)

Prices include the exam entry fees, all adminstration costs, invigilation fees (except where special access arrangements are required) and the sending of your certificate/s by recorded delivery.

Please follow the instructions on the next page to make an application.



The College is required to check the identity of all candidates sitting exams.  To do this we will require all private candidates to visit the College before their exam date/s to meet with the Exams Officers and provide proof of ID and address.  This will be at a mutually agreed date. 

For students who are located abroad or a long distance from our Centre please contact the Exams Officer for further information.


Check which papers you want to sit.   Full specifications for all qualifications are available on the websites of the exam boards:

  • Download, print and complete the application form below The College must have the original signed copy before entries can be made.
  • You will need to provide us with the entry codes for each paper you want to sit  together with the overall certifcation/aggregate code for the AS or A2 qualification OR just the overall entry code for new spec GCSE/AS/A2 exams.  Alton College will not be able to advise you on this matter and you should refer to you teacher/tutor or seek guidance from the examination boards.  If you are re-sitting a subject you may find the relevant codes on your original results slip or certificates. 
  • Once you have the codes you will need to purchase your entries on the Alton College online store.  click HERE to visit the relevent page
    The entry form is in Entry fees and Exams/Private Candidates or follow this link 
  • If you have not purchased from our store before you will either need to set up an account before you start or you will be asked to set up an account at the checkout stage.
  • You will need to add a private candidate entry to your basket/trolley for each paper you wish to sit from the older specification AS/A2s or select the all inclusive product for new specification GCSE, AS and A Levels.  For each purchase you will be asked to enter your entry code.  If you do purchase indiviudal units you must also note the certification/aggregate code on your application form. This is not required for linear qualifications
  • You can pay using UK debit and Credit Cards (and the majority of those from overseas banks) or by Paypal. Alternatively you can pay in person at the Student Hub in College using cash or cheque (with a bank card).  We cannot take payment over the telephone at this time.
  • You will receive a purchase confirmation email from the online store.  This is your receipt and should be kept safely.  Please make a note of your order number.  This will start ACOLS******. 
  • Complete the Application Form.  This form must be completed by the candidate, signed and returned by post to the address given.   Remember to add your order number from the online store to confirm your payment.
  • To complete this form you will need to provide

your name – This must be the name you are officially known by and not your preferred name.
date of birth
e.mail and telephone numbers
UCI number (unique candidate identifier) – this should be available from any centre where you have previously taken an assessment or been enrolled.  If you have never been issued a UCI, the college may be able to generate one for you. 
ULN number (unique learner number)  Again, this should be available from any previous centre you have attended.

  • We will require candidates to visit College once before your exam/s to confirm your identity.
  • All communication regarding your exams will be by email from the Exams Officer.  It is your responsibility to provide a valid email address and to check that email from the College are not directed to your spam folder.


If you are currently enrolled on a full time course of study at Alton College but wish to take additional exams for which you are studying privately (ie they are not included in your current study programme) you can do so by entering as a private candidate. You will need to purchase your entries via the online store (remember to select AC Concession) and complete the application form as per the instructions above.  Timetable details and Results for exams sat as a private candidate will appear on your College Insight page as normal.  


UPDATE: JCQ regulations governing Access arrangements for external candidates are changing and it is sometimes difficult for the College to accommodate all requests.  Please contact the Exams Officer if you think your require Access Arrangements before applying for exam entries.  

Access Arrangements including  separate invigilation, readers and scribes, use of a word processor can be provided by the College but ONLY in accordance with the regulations set out by JCQ. These arrangements will usually incur an extra fee. Current fees will be detailed on the application form.   Evidence as required by JCQ, must be provided by the candidate. 

Arrangements are usually available to students who:

  • match the definition of disability as outlined under section 6 of the Equality Act 2010. “physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on someone’s ability to carry out normal day to day activities.
  • have special educational needs as defined in the Education Act 1996 and which calls for special educational provision to be made for him/her.
  • have a temporary injury at the time of assessment


Results for summer exams are published in August.  The College will e.mail you a statement of results on the day of publication. 

Certificates are issued in November each year and will be sent by recorded delivery. Other exams results will be notified to you as they become available.

Post results services.

Post results services for Private Candidates (such as clerical checks, remarks of exam papers and copies of your exam scripts) are available via the College.  Details will be sent to you at the time of results publication.

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