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Firoozeh has a cousin named Farbod. Although his name means “Greatness” in Persian, his American peers call him “Farthead.” Like Farbod, Firoozeh never realized that her name would be such an obstacle to assimilating in America. Firoozeh’s name literally means “turquoise,” but growing up, Firoozeh becomes accustomed to Americans being unable to pronounce it. Firoozeh’s last name is difficult for Americans to pronounce, too—although, at her father’s request, she won’t use it in this book. Later on, however, when Firoozeh was studying at Berkeley, her name attracted people “like flies to baklava.” Firoozeh found these people “refreshingly nonjudgmental.”

Although Firoozeh becomes increasingly comfortable in her adopted country, her name acts as a barrier, causing other people to perceive her as being “different,” even though she speaks the same language and grew up in the same culture. Conversely, Firoozeh’s name strikes some of her Berkeley classmates because they find it interesting. (One could also argue that this is another form of “soft bigotry,” since her classmates exoticize her name and may treat her somewhat condescendingly—however, Firoozeh doesn’t entertain this possibility.)

It is non uncommon to sometimes hear or see what here in America is considered to be a unusual or different name and decide to do merriment of it or the holder of that name. This is a major obstruction that an Persian immigrant named Firoozeh Dumas. writer of “The ‘F-Word’” had to face. She illustrates a image utilizing words about the adversities that her name has brought upon her during her full life. Throughout the narrative. she uses wit to depict what would hold been a instead negative state of affairs. and in the terminal she decides to encompass the name she has and non allow any comments about it bother her.

Dumas moved to California from Iran at the age of seven. moved back to Iran. and after two short old ages. she moved back to the provinces. merely to set herself in a web of jeer because of her name. Bing an immigrant. she had slightly of an thought that turning up in America would be full of challenges. but she would hold ne’er imagined that her name would be a major chuckhole on her route to societal integrating. At the age of 12. Dumas decided to give herself the “American” center name. Julie. but small did she cognize that her effort to get down the 6th class with a more easy pronounced name would backlash because now she shared names with a neighbour.

Despite the fact that she now portions names with a neighbour of hers. she comes to happen life to be much less complicated and in her ain words. brought her “an wholly reviewing new sensation” ( Dumas 59 ) . because now people will non see her as a alien. but as a friend. Although. this fantastic feeling that she has. would shortly take her to believe that she is seeking excessively difficult to be something that she is non. Dumas gets a world cheque when she says that “people would hold likely ne’er invited me into their house had they cognize me as Firoozeh” ( Dumas 59 ) .

As the yearss grew into old ages. Dumas made her manner to college. where after transporting the pseudo-name. Julie. for such a long clip. she finally decides to travel back to her existent name. but shortly plenty her much dreaded yesteryear would come back to stalk her. “Even though I had graduated with awards from UC-Berkley. I could non acquire a individual interview” ( Dumas 59 ) . says Dumas. Shortly after. she began to set Julie alternatively of Firoozeh on her resume . and coincidently. occupation interviews began to rain in. Afterword’s. she got married and led her life as Julie one time more. but consequentially her life became tangled like a ball of narration when friends who knew her by different names met each other and began to inquire all kinds of inquiries.

After taking slightly of a dual life. Dumas decides to eventually set her self-made name to rest. and unrecorded with her given name. In decision. despite the countless obstacles that Dumas had to get the better of to eventually weave herself into the complex cloth of society. she proves that there should be no shame in encompassing the name you are given. By composing “The ‘F-Word’” in a humourous tone. she besides proves that even though she was laughed at throughout her full life. she learns to hold a sense of wit about the very thing that has been torturing her of all time since she came to populate in America.

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