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Children eagerly wait for the arrival of holidays. But it’s a nightmare for many parents and they try to look for ways to keep the children engaged. With a little assistance from schools, holidays can be made fun - for both parents and children.

Vacation is a good time to learn new skills. Homework is one of the tools which can be utilised to make holidays useful at the same time, enjoyable.

The holiday assignments should be designed carefully catering to the interests of children. It should promote not only academic learning but also activities which can gradually become hobbies. Time management skills and life skills are the indirect benefits that children gain from holiday homework.

Activities should be creative. For instance, language teachers can promote the reading of newspapers, novels, listening to news or writing of recipes, and science teachers can ask children to read science articles from newspaper. Activities like arranging their room, washing utensils, clothes, cleaning washrooms, arranging their drawing room, etc. They can try cooking and exercising. A planned holiday homework can engage children in some oncrete learning.

Dr. Nicholas Correa

Principal, New Horizon Public School, Airoli

Learning is a continuous process

Learning is not confined to the school environment alone. Indeed, holidays are meant to spent in a relaxed manner. If interesting assignments are given as holiday homework, it will always help them learn without stress. Students should be allowed to select from a variety of assignments. Some examples are photography, moviemaking, poster making, advertisement, drawing, and animation.


Principal, Sri Sankara Vidyalayaa, Karur

Meant for relaxation

Holiday homework should not be given to the students. Holidays are meant for relaxing and doing what you enjoy doing the most. If holiday homework is given, parents force students to complete the holiday homework which is usually long and boring. In my school, we give the students a mental exercises like brainteasers and challenging math problems to solve as they are not time-consuming and more over fun to do.

Flint Narayanan,

Principal, HMS International School, Ooty, The Nilgiris

Maintain a holiday diary

Ever since we are born, we learn. Children, apart from learning at school, they can learn at home and at all places. Holidays give the children an opportunity to learn at their own and comfortable pace. Children who are weak in certain subjects may be given some mini projects which will help them understand the concepts. For example, memorising mathematical tables and formulae are very important for children from Classes VI to XII. Here are my suggestions on holiday assignments. 1 . Ask students to maintain a holiday diary giving details of how they spent the holiday and submit as a powerpoint presentation with images / audio and video files. 2 . Learn meanings of five words every day and submit the collection of words as holiday assignment.

Teachers play a major role in making learning interesting, in holidays too. Depending up on the child’s interest or sometimes on the subject areas of weakness, ssignments may be given.

P.Jawahar Jesudoss

Headmaster, Vikaasa School, Ambasamudram, Tirunelveli district

Connect with people and nature

Years back, summer vacation meant spending time with friends, grandparents and relatives, playing under the mango trees, picking the little fallen mangoes, a dip or a swim in the cold water of the pond and walking through the fields. Well this scenario has changed. The big family houses which could house everyone at a time have disappeared, ponds have dried up and relationships have withered. Summer vacation, these days, just mean no regular classes at school. But the children are busier than ever, with tuitions for next year, sports coaching and summer camps. Evenings are spent watching TV, playing computer games or WhatsApping .

A well designed holiday homework including informative, challenging and fun-filled activities can be given. This could include activities like writing an interview with senior citizen or a chat with vegetable vendor, a travelogue or a funny anecdote.

Holiday is a time to relax and rejuvenate. They have to look around them and realize that they are not the only owners of this planet and discover the uniqueness in them. We should just be there participating, guiding and helping them to enjoy their vacation to the fullest.

Thara Krishnan

Principal, Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan School, Kozhikode

Spend time with parents, relatives

Holidays must be devoid of homework as it is the time to relax one's body and mind. Parents can spend more time with their children during vacation. Children can travel to places or visit their relatives. This will also help them understand the significance of relationships and the beauty of being together. When I was young, I used to go to my grand mother’s home in Kerala during vacations. Relishing the jack fruit and fresh vegetables; washing and bathing on the river banks, collecting coffee beans in the fields with grandpa, enjoying the greenery and the tasty food offered by my grandmother to all of us in our hands one after the other…. The memories still linger in my mind.

Let us make our children experience such moments. Holidays should include listening to real life stories from grand mothers, reading storybooks together, communicating with the neighbours, playing on the road sides.


Principal, Chettinad Vidya Mandir, Chettipalayam,

Karur District.

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