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IELTS Cue Card Sample 109 - Describe a garden you remember visiting

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IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a garden you remember visiting.

You should say:

  • where it is
  • what it looks like
  • what people do there

and explain why you remember it.

Model Answer:
I remember visiting a big garden at my uncle’s house when I was a college student. The garden was so big and was so beautiful that I still remember it. It was at my maternal uncle’s farmhouse and was adjacent to a narrow lake. My uncle lives in a 4 storied building but he had a firm house and a very nice garden that he looked after. This was a very good earning source for him as well.

One day he invited me to visit the garden with him and I agreed to visit it. I became speechless when I entered into the garden. It was at least 2-3 acres and had been placed beside a lake. A soft, balmy wind was blowing and the flowers were dancing with the wind. I have never seen so many flowers together that I watched in this garden. There were fences all around the garden to protect it from savage animals. There were several types of trees in this garden including flowers trees, vegetable & fruit trees and big trees to give shadows to other trees.

This was not a public garden so the entry was restricted for the people to enter the garden. But I have noticed that people could easily come near the garden as the lake was a public place. They enjoyed the beauty of the garden from outside. The people who take care of the garden water the trees, cut off the unexpected branches of the trees, takes away the dust and rubbish and keep a close eye in the garden so that, wild animals cannot cause any harm.

I remember the garden because it was so beautiful and was near the lake. The several numbers of flowers in the garden and the chattering of the known and unknown birds overwhelmed me. I was supposed to be there for an hour or so but I was so much attracted to the beauty of this garden that I stay there for several hours.

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A Visit To A Garden

Essay No. 01

A visit to a garden or a park is quite refreshing and educative. With the increase of population in towns and cities, open spaces are becoming very rare. Gardens, grounds and lawns are the lungs of a modern city. I like going to the garden and  spending some time in the beautiful company of nature. A garden is place of beauty. It presents a feast of joy before us.  There is a beautiful garden just in front of my house. Its shady trees seem to invite me during the summers and its green sunny lawns catch my eyes in the winter season. There are row of roses that attract the eyes of the beholder. I enjoy a stroll in the garden both in the morning and in the evening. At that time I forget all the worries of life. In the middle of the garden, there is a fountain and a small tank. The tank teems with colored fish of various kinds. Children flock to the tank and play with the fish. The garden also serves as a nest of singing birds. Many beautiful birds perch in the trees in the evening and pour out their melodious songs. In the morning the fragrance of the flowers lends a sweet charm to the whole atmosphere. On a moonlit night, the garden presents a beautiful scene. Many people visit the garden at different hours of the day. We have really a good time in the garden which is veritably a paradise on the earth.


Essay No. 02


A Municipal Park


There is a municipal park in our town. It is situated a few kilometres away from my house.”I visit it on Sundays and holidays.

The particular park which I have mentioned here, is quite a big one. It is situated near the bus stand. That is perhaps not quite proper as one cannot sit and have rest there in perfectly calm atmosphere.

Still, the park is of great value. It is rightly said that the parks and gardens are the lungs of towns and cities. If parks were not there, the urban areas would be no better than hell. In the urban areas the atmosphere is highly polluted and it is hard to breathe there. It is only the parks and gardens and other open spaces that provide some relief to the tired nerves and smoke-filled lungs of people.

The park has a number of grassy plots and flower beds. It has a circular passage for those who want to walk or have a race. There is a

tall fountain in the middle of the park. It keeps playing all the while except from midnight to dawn. There are a number of benches in the park. Mostly old people and children visit the park. During the examination days some students may be seen sitting on benches and cramming their lessons. Two gardeners are there to take care of the park. People are not allowed to bring eatables in the park. In one corner of the park there are some devices such as roundabouts, etc. for children. In the evening, some housewives may also be seen having a walk on the circular path. I mostly have a light exercise in the park early in the morning. I only wish that there should be more parks in all towns and more attention should be paid to them by all concerned.

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