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A Big Thank You

Thank you to all of the students, teachers, administrators, parents, family, and friends who helped make Teen LIGHT a great success this year!  We could not have achieved such an amazing success without the support of every one of you. We sincerely appreciate all of the time, advice, work, and money that people put into this project to help our students achieve their community service goals.

Teen LIGHT – Teen Leaders Inspired to Give Hope to Teens – is the 8th grade community service project. This year’s Teen LIGHT mission was to raise awareness about bullying. After covering expenses, Teen LIGHT spent profits from our fund-raising activities on the following:

  • Project Adventure field trip for the entire 8th grade designed to promote teamwork and student connection
  • bus transportation for all 8th graders to and from Project Adventure
  • an inspirational memento for each 8th grade student
  • an inspirational memento for all Teen LIGHT student leaders and directors

Although our goal was to spend the majority of funds on Burlington students, we are currently researching teen counseling programs to determine an appropriate recipient of a monetary donation. Stay tuned to the MSMS blog for an update on which counseling program we choose.

Our Success in Dollars

Our revenues for the year were $16,026.56!

The following are the net profits for each of our three big fund-raising events.  AMAZING!

Chocolate Lollipop Drive


Charity Night at Flatbread


Walk for Teen LIGHT




In the Words of a Student…

This past year eighth graders at Marshall Simonds have participated in various assemblies, dances and field trips and have made many great memories from their days here at MSMS to take with them as they move on to high school. A major part of the eighth grade experience apart from the traditions of final fling and vaudeville was Teen LIGHT, the eighth grade community service project that started just three years ago. The class of 2015 chose to make their mission to try and put an end to bullying and educate teens on the seriousness of the issue and how it affects entire communities just like Burlington.

To accomplish this goal, teachers assembled a team of student leaders based on dozens of applications. The student leaders took suggestions and advice from fellow classmates and peers to help better Teen LIGHT. The goal of the student leaders was to get every eighth grader involved in some way with the project and I would say this goal was accomplished. Nearly everyone in the eighth grade participated in some way from making chocolate lollipops for our winter fundraiser to participating in our walk-a-thon on the town common.

Teen LIGHT was extremely successful raising approximately $15,000 in revenues which helped to pay for an educational field trip to Project Adventure where students participated in team building exercises and activities. The success of Teen LIGHT wasn’t just about how much money students raised – it was also about how students got involved in the community. The students’ commitment and dedication to the project resulted in an incredible turn out for Teen LIGHT’s end of the year event, the 3rd annual walk-a-thon. Families, high school students, members of the Burlington community and business sponsors were all in attendance thanks to the eighth graders and Teen LIGHT teachers. Overall this year Teen LIGHT was very beneficial to Marshall Simonds and students definitely made a difference in the lives of their peers and in the lives of teens everywhere who are or have been bullied.

– Emma Jones

A Special Thank You to the Teachers, Administrators, and Parents Who Spent Countless Hours Planning and Volunteering for Teen LIGHT Events!

Thank You to Everyone who Volunteered to Work at the Walk!

Mr. ConnorsMrs. AbatiMr. Lusas
Mrs. BovaMrs. CerretaniMrs. Crowley
Mr. DexterMrs. DiSipioMiss Ellis
Mrs. FayMrs. GorhamMr. Hickman
Miss KramerMiss MantiaMr. McDonough
Mrs. MiksenasMiss MurrayMr. Pearl
Mr. PetersonMrs. RichardsonMrs. Sturtevant
Mr. VillanoMrs. VolpeMrs. Wilkes

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Beacon Village Apartments

Cambridge Savings Bank

The Capital Grille

DiSipio Design and Construction

Donna DeSimone Photography

Elizabeth Grady


James A. Martin Company

John Mantia and Sons

Nashua Family Dentistry

Party Central


RCB Design

Riemer & Braunstein

Roche Brothers

Sammy’s Deli & Catering

Sweet Ginger

(We apologize if we omitted any names!)

Please check out pictures from the walk!  You may access the pictures from the link below. Thank you to Donna DeSimone Photography! With Picasa you can download and print through a photo company.

Donna DeSimone Photography 2011 Walk for Teen LIGHT

We are very proud of all of the students who participated in this project!  Their commitment, energy, and enthusiasm showcased the extraordinary potential that all students have to make a positive impact in the world.

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