Essay On Life Of Human Beings Without Water

Growing up on a poultry farm in rural Arkansas, 15-year-old Hunter learned early on that clean water was a precious resource. He saw first-hand that poultry houses use large amounts of water that become contaminated with chicken litter, and he wondered if there was a way to filter this water for reuse.

Poultry farms tend to have three to five chicken houses, each with about 28,000 chickens. Using commercial filters to clean the water discharged from the poultry houses is an expensive proposition, so Hunter decided to investigate ways of filtering the water using a cheaper material—different types of local soil.

To start, he collected five kinds of soil: sand, red clay, ash, gravel, and loam, drying each sample and testing for pH, nitrate, and phosphate levels. Hunter then filtered tap water through the soils to remove nitrates and phosphates from the samples.

His second step was to collect water samples. Hunter made a mixture of clean water and chicken litter, letting it sit for two weeks before testing its pH, nitrate, and phosphate levels. He then filtered the contaminated water through the five different soils.

Although his hypothesis had been that sand would be the best filter, his experiments showed that loam removed contaminants better than any other type of soil. Hunter’s investigation led to a winning essay in the 2010 Young Naturalist Awards competition. Moreover, he hopes that his project can be used by farmers to construct poultry houses that filter waste water.

Effects of the Lack of Water Essay

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The lack of water has many effects on this planet. Even though lack of water intends on becoming a large problem everywhere, it resides mainly in Africa and to narrow this even more, it resides specifically in Sudan. The lack of water, an extremely serious issue, can make an immense impact if we fix it. Nearly 1.1 billion people don’t have access to clean water. If we provide these people with clean water, we can drop infant mortality by 50% (“Water Crisis”). This shows how important it seems for us to fix this monumental problem. On the other hand, not only is a need of water a problem, but the presence of contaminated water is also a problem. Tainted water leads to diseases like cholera and diarrhea (“Water Scarcity”). If we make water…show more content…

Unclean water causes many diseases. One out of four children who die before age 5, die of water related diseases (“The Water Project”). This means that a child dies not every week and not every day, but instead every 15 seconds. Infected water, the killer of many human beings, becomes more and more dangerous. Furthermore, we need to make water available to everyone and not just one particular area. One third of this world does not have available drinking water. This leads to 80% of illnesses being linked to poor water and sanitation (“The Water Project”). The lack of water presents itself everywhere. America and other developed countries do not see the desperate call for of water. Even if people recognize the lack of water that occurs, they need to realize the consequences of this problem. Lack of water causes many side effects. This includes: pain of all types increasing, stress increases, blood pressure increasing, body weight unbalancing, allergies increasing, more prone to tumor formation, skin disorders, and immune dysfunction or weakness (“Lack of Water”). Small headaches affect people greatly, but think of having a combination of these side effects. Similarly, the lack of water also creates another great problem: absence of education. Because of the lack of water, women and girls have to spend precious time collection water. They have to travel a long way to get to the water and then they have to travel a long way to get back. This task is not done

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