Best Us History Term Paper Topics

The Best American History Term Paper Topic Ideas: 20 Great Suggestions

More often than not, writing a really good American History term paper comes down to selecting a great topic that is original, interesting and allows you to explore in-depth without being overwhelmed by a lack of research material. The term paper will take several weeks to complete, so developing a great topic is vital. Here are 20 suggestions:

  1. What is the most important outcome of the War of 1812? How did it shape how the U.S. developed on path to becoming a global power?
  2. How did the Underground Railroad succeed when there were so many hurdles in both the North and South states?
  3. What role did the space race have on the U.S.’s position in the cold war against the Soviet Union and other communist powers?
  4. How did the war in Vietnam raise social, political and economic tensions in the U.S.?
  5. How did the Civil Rights Movement pave the way for political, social and economic awareness in later decades?
  6. How did media in the early 20th century help change the way political campaigns are run?
  7. How did the British imperial law intensify resistance from colonialists towards foreign rule?
  8. What effects did the Vietnam War have on Cold War diplomacy, the presidential office and the general population?
  9. How did the French and Indian war affect or influence the relationship between the colonies and England?
  10. How did Spanish, French and English exploration of what would become the U.S. affect the way in which the nation evolved?
  11. How did economic and social factors encourage the spread of slavery as a central part of the economy of the Southern states?
  12. Discuss the origins of slavery during colonial life in America? How was it different from what we know about slavery in the southern states?
  13. How was the Spanish and Portuguese model of slavery adapted to fit the economic needs of life in America?
  14. What were the problems with the Continental Congress? What were the areas in which the Continental Congress was effective?
  15. After the Bill of Rights was created, Washington needed a way to finance the new government. How did the development of the two party system reflect disagreements at the time over finance?
  16. How did the invention of the cotton gin provide an excuse for southerners to expand the system of slavery?
  17. In what ways did values and ideas held by the early religious colonialists influence the political and social development of the colonies?
  18. Why were the Anti-Federalists adamant in their resistance to the Constitution? What tenets of government did they wish to propose?
  19. In what ways were the Articles of Confederation effective or ineffective in providing a form of government in a new nation?
  20. How did the American Revolution change the fundamentals of American society? Consider political and social effects of the war in the last quarter of the 18th century.

Top 14 US History Research Paper Topics For High School Students

Writing is an undoubtedly difficult venture to embark on but at the same time an interesting one too if it is your hobby and you are little innovative. However when you are supposed to drudge a lame History paper, topics become a decisive point in making your History research paper interesting.

Have a look at the following topics that can act as a stepping-stone for your bright future

  1. The previous scenario of Early America: Why leagues of Iroquois were formed and what were their accomplishments? Discuss the impacts of Europeans over Native Americans? Throw a light on religious toleration that was a major reason of conflict in early America?
  2. Throw a light on American Revolution? What was the reason of colonists breaking away from English rule? How revolutionary war transformed the colonist’s life into a battlefield?
  3. The United States government: How the formation of the constitution empowered the Federal government and decreased the rights of State legislatures. What was the biggest compromise and how it persuaded all the thirteen states.
  4. How Civil war and reconstruction affected the scenario of U.S.: Discuss how Harriet Tubman affected Underground Railroad. How slavery contributed to Civil war? What was the affect of slave laws on these states?
  5. Discuss expansionism: How Andrew Jackson emerged in power during 19th century? How women impacted the Wild West region? Why small states wanted federal government to take control of western lands?
  6. Progressive reforms benefits: How social, economic and political awakening is highly related with Muckrekers awakening?
  7. Negative impacts of World War I: How WWI negatively impacted civil liberties? How this war hindered the reformed movement of progressive era?
  8. Why 20’s is called as roaring era? How Harlem Renaissance affected the cultural development of 1920’s? What was the role of African Americans during the renaissance period?
  9. The Why and How of Great Depression: How Great Depression affected the American Society? Why it took place? How much effective was the FDR’s New Deal?
  10. The effects of World War II on women and minorities: What was the contribution of women and minorities in WWII? How US participation affected them at home?
  11. The origin and development of Cold War: Discuss the Space race and the technological development in US? How McCarthyism, communism in China and Sputnik affected U.S foreign policies, military, schools and industry?
  12. Discuss Civil Rights Movement. How Montgomery bus boycott affected Civil Rights Movement?
  13. Women’s movement in US: Discuss the effectiveness of Women’s movement during 60s in terms of economic, political and social issues?
  14. 1968 in American politics: How 1968 served as a pivotal role in American politics?

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